Welcome to Equip Scotland

Equip Scotland is a new community resource for the voluntary sector within Scotland. Through this portal we aim to promote the reuse of materials and resources throughout Scotland in a bid to increase recycling, reuse and community sustainability.

Through the Equip Scotland portal we provide a mechanism for companies, organisations and individuals to donate items that are surplus to their requirements but are of value to the voluntary community within Scotland. Organisations are also able to make appeals online and perform swaps with other organisations.

Please visit our about us and services pages to see how you can help make this service a success. Help free up the resources that are lying to rot or ending up in land fill across the country.

This free resource can save you money. In-kind giving can benefit all from reducing the reliance on land fill by businesses to enabling charities to work more efficiently.

If you are excited about the services offered through our site then tell everyone you know, if you think we could do better or you would like to get involved then let us know.