Touring around Scotland

Driving through Scotland can be slow and tedious work, so we try to limit the number of driving hours to a couple each day. After all you're not visiting Scotland just to sit in a mini-bus all day. Rural and Highland Scotland, with their wonderful scenery, are fabulous to tour through, though the roads can be incredibly narrow.

Where the Highlands meet the Islands

For a taste of the magnificent West Highlands, the Cowal Peninsula, where I now live in the town of Dunoon, is a very special place. West Cowal, in particular, has unrivalled scenery, a feast of natural wonders, and not least, a local population that are never less than friendly or hospitable to any visitor. Spectacular mountain scenery, gentle burns/streams trickling through rugged glens and dramatic seascapes combine to make this area an excellent location from which to visit the Western Highlands. This is one of the reasons why so many couples choose to get married here, enabling them to hold onto beautiful photographs to last a lifetime.

The Kingdom of Fife where we also have excellent local contacts, is a good example of an excellent base location from which to tour Lowland Scotland. But wherever you decide to go in Scotland, you can be assured that it's an area well known to us. There are many good base locations from which to tour the Highlands, the Lowlands and the Borders.